Best Places To Go Ziplining In Kentucky

The great state of Kentucky has a long list of zipline canopy tours you don’t want to miss. November is the perfect time for ziplining and checking out the beautiful fall scenery while sailing high above the trees. The zipline adventures will take you on unimaginable journeys to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Enjoy the fantastic aerial runway thrill rides while taking in the bird’s-eye view. Soar, high above some of the most spectacular scenery you’ve ever seen. Kentucky offers unique adventures through majestic forests and over gorges. Sail over lakes, rivers, streams, underground, and much more. At Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick of Georgetown, we love experiencing all the excitement local businesses offer. Please keep reading to learn about our favorite zipline excursions in Kentucky. Stop by one or all of these zipline tours for an exhilarating adventure today.

The Red River Gorge Zipline

Red River Gorge Zipline offers visitors a breathtaking and exhilarating zipline tour adventure. You can enjoy flying through the Daniel Boone National Forest and looking over the majestic Red River Gorge. There are five ziplines to enjoy, ranging from 700 feet to over 1,900 feet. Hit heights of up to 300 feet, with speeds of up to an impressive 55 miles per hour. 

The tour includes single and double lines to enjoy a ride alone or with a partner if you prefer. Association for Challenge Course Technology-certified tour guides join visitors throughout the tour to keep everyone safe. That way, you can focus on all the unforgettable views and thrills the zipline canopy tour provides. Red River Gorge Zipline is the adventure of a lifetime, full of jaw-dropping thrills and scenic views. 

Adventures of Mammoth Cave

Visit the Adventures of Mammoth Cave zipline canopy tour for an unforgettable day of thrills and stunning panoramic views. The five-line tour includes lines from 300 to 990 feet long with heights up to 100 feet above the ground. You can glide over seven treetop platforms and three sky brides at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The exhilarating rush with spectacular views is an experience nature lovers and thrill seekers will not want to miss. Don’t worry because they didn’t forget about the little ones. There are special, shorter courses for kids between 35 and 85 pounds. 

Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort Zipline

Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort Zipline offers an impressive 650-feet “Big Zipper” adventure you don’t want to miss. Fly above the beautiful scenery at 35 miles per hour. You can fly solo or with a partner on the twin zip lines. The resort also has something for the little ones. The “Little Zipper” is a 185-feet mini-adventure for kids under ten years old and 90 pounds. 

Boone Creek Outdoors

The historic Boone Creek gorge is a picturesque, inherent wonder of natural beauty. Its zipline canopy tour takes visitors through an experience of a lifetime. The professionally guided escapades provide six fantastic zip lines, the longest of which reaches almost 1,400 feet. Glide high over the ground and reach up to 200 feet. 

Take in the unforgettable views while flying high above the deep limestone gorges, creeks, rivers, and awe-inspiring forestry. You’ll also learn all about the ecosystem you’re traveling through and the local history and early settlements of the area. The course offers plenty of options, including six ziplines, floating staircases, a rappel, and three suspension bridges. 

Louisville Mega Cavern

Louisville Mega Cavern is only about an hour outside Georgetown, Kentucky, and offers a guided adventure you’ll have to experience to believe. It’s the world’s only entirely underground zipline experience. You can enjoy six different ziplines stretching underneath parts of the Watterson Expressway and the Louisville Zoo. Get your adrenaline pumping on the dual-racing wire that dives deep into the cave below. Mega Cavern is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and thrilling, unforgettable experience. 

Pine Mountain Zipline Canopy Tour

Visit Pine Mountain to catch the impressive views from high in the air. The tour features seven impressive ziplines reaching as long as 1,300 feet. Fly high above two sky bridges, including Honeymoon Falls. You’ll also see a spiral staircase, platform-to-platform rappels, and the majestic Hemlock Forest. The Pine Mountain Zipline Canopy tour allows you to glide over thick forests and waterways. Reach daring heights and thrilling speeds you’ll never forget.

Screaming Raptor Ziplines

The Screaming Raptor Ziplines is at the Creation Museum in Petersburg. You can soar over the beautiful three-acre lake and enjoy up to 19 different zip lines to seek the panoramic views of seven sky bridges as high as 100 feet. Screaming Raptor has an adventure in store if you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to be a bird soaring above the trees.

Black Mountain Thunder Zipline

Visit Black Mountain Thunder Zipline to experience the fastest zipline adventure in Kentucky. You can fly through Kentucky’s tallest mountain peak, reaching as high as 500 feet and about 60 miles per hour. You’ll love the long courses with spectacular views and exhilarating speeds. If you want to liven up your weekend, visit Black Mountain Thunder Zipline soon. You’ll not soon forget the astounding scenery the majestic Appalachian Mountains offer. 

Zipline adventures offer an excellent opportunity for heart-racing thrills while enjoying panoramic views and magnificent beauty. Many of these businesses provide various other activities to enjoy as well. Ziplining is an activity growing in popularity and an absolute must-try for anyone looking to make lasting memories. 

November is the perfect month to head out to one of the once-in-a-lifetime ziplining adventures this state offers. Zipline tours are also 100% sustainable because you can enjoy the majestic beauty from above without disturbing nature. Zipline adventures will take you to new and exciting heights and help you conquer your fears. So, there you have it. That completes Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick of Georgetown’s list of favorite zipline adventures. Did we leave off one of your favorites? If so, please drop us a line, and we’ll be sure to add it to the next one.