What Are The Benefits of Getting Liquid Diamond Paint Coating?

Your vehicle’s finish is a vital part of its overall performance. Not only does it give your car the appearance you love, but it also helps protect surfaces from all kinds of damage. If you’re planning on refinishing your car or looking for a new vehicle, it’s vital to get a finish that offers looks and protection. At Dan Cummins Chevrolet and Buick, we have the perfect solution for you: a Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint Coating. Keep reading to learn more about this finish and where you can find it in the Georgetown area.

What Is Liquid Diamond?

Liquid Diamond Ceramic

Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint Coating

As car finishes age, they can fade from UV exposure and may suffer a variety of scratches and dings. However, Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat can provide an improved and extended high-quality finish for your vehicle. Liquid Diamond is a durable and transparent outer layer that professionals apply over your vehicle’s clear coat. It bonds with the molecular structure of your current paint, so it can last years. It’s water-resistant, durable, and protective against damaging solar UV rays. The application of a ceramic coat can also fill small scratches and imperfections in the clear coat, restoring the look of your car.

The Liquid Diamond Process

The following is a brief overview of the process your car will go through if you decide to get a Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat:

  • Start by planning an alternate form of transportation, since the process will take approximately two days.
  • Drop your vehicle off at a Dan Cummins location in Georgetown or Paris.
  • If you need a loaner vehicle, Dan Cummins can provide one while the car is being treated.
  • Dan Cummins will assign your vehicle to a team of professional ceramic coat applicators.
  • Dan Cummins technicians will begin by giving the interior and exterior of your car a deep clean to prepare for the coating.
  • Next, technicians will comprehensively remove all contaminants in your clear coat to ensure proper application.
  • Your vehicle will receive an interior coating of fabric and leather protector to guard the interior of your vehicle from staining and UV light fading.
  • Once the interior coating is complete, technicians will apply the Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat to all of your car’s painted exterior surfaces.
  • Finally, Dan Cummins’ technicians will let your car’s new finish rest for approximately one full day, after which the coat will be hard enough to withstand normal use.

Benefits of a Liquid Diamond Coat

Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat provides a wide variety of benefits for Dan Cummins’ customers, including:

Exterior Appearance

No matter what car you buy, the finish will eventually start to fade and take damage. It can be tough to handle this process, especially if you bought the car for its looks. Fortunately, a Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat can provide an excellent solution to this problem, as its application can enhance the natural gloss of your vehicle and provide a greater depth to its color. Along with Liquid Diamond’s protective features, this can ensure your car sparkles for years to come.

Chemical Resistance

Your car may sometimes come into contact with harmful chemicals, such as gasoline and cleaning agents. Over time, these chemicals, along with any waxes and sealants you use, can have a detrimental effect on your car’s paint. Liquid Diamond provides a great alternative to traditional surface protectors and is much more resistant to damage from harsh chemicals. If you think your car may come into contact with chemicals, consider heading to Dan Cummins for a Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat.

Reduced Maintenance

Most clear coats and sealers provide a slick surface that keeps dirt and debris from sticking. Unfortunately, many of these coatings are not as consistent as they could be, allowing for some damage. Liquid Diamond provides an even slicker and more consistent surface than other topcoats. This ensures that less dirt adheres to your vehicle, reducing the need for washing and maintenance. Additionally, when it’s time to clean your car, the slick surface makes it easy to remove dirt with little effort.

Protection From Environmental Damage

There are a wide variety of simple things in your environment that can damage your car’s topcoat. Some of the most common are bird droppings and bug splatter. Both things contain corrosive acids that can wear away at your vehicle’s paint. Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coats are exceptionally durable and can provide protection that other surfaces might not provide.

UV Light Protection

One of the main factors affecting the look of your car’s finish is UV light from the sun. This can cause the color of your paint job to fade and look less brilliant than when you bought the vehicle. Unlike some other topcoats, Liquid Diamond provides UV protection to prevent fading and other damage.

Scratch Resistance

Liquid Diamond is extremely tough, very slick, and much harder to scratch than other topcoats. This makes it difficult for anything to catch on the coat and cause damage. Even if something does, it’s less likely to make a mark.

An Investment in Your Future

Giving your car a durable topcoat is a great way to protect its finish for years to come. This can lock in your car’s value and minimize depreciation. If you plan to resell the car at any point in the future, getting a Liquid Diamond Ceramic Coat might improve your resale value.

Liquid Diamond and Dan Cummins Chevrolet

Liquid Diamond is a Star Shield product based in the state of Kentucky. Dan Cummins outlets are proud to pair with Star Shield and are the sole carriers of their products. If you want to experience the extensive benefits of a Liquid Diamond coat, get in contact with any of our locations.

That’s our overview of Liquid Diamond Ceramic Paint Coatings. If you’re interested in this finish, we’d love you to swing by our showroom in Georgetown or one of our other locations in Kentucky. Please reach out to our staff with questions, as we’re happy to further discuss features, benefits, or how to schedule the process. If you just want to browse, consider viewing our inventory or exploring our service department online. Good luck on the road and we can’t wait to see you.

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