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Chevy Lexington KY

Are you stuck in a seemingly endless search for a new or used Chevy? Lexington, KY, is a great place to find brand new or used Chevy models perfect for any driver. Your search for a new or used Chevrolet in Lexington is over now that you found the team here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick of Georgetown.

Chevrolet was born of necessity in 1911 when racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William Durant knew it was time to meet the growing demand for better performing and more affordable vehicles. Chevrolet accomplished this right out of the gate by launching a lineup of affordable cars and trucks, all of which featured Chevrolet’s exclusive engines that were built in-house to reduce production costs and ensure quality. This laid the groundwork for future Chevy models and is the same innovative spirit that we see today on the newest lineup of Chevy cars, trucks, and SUVs.

A red 2022 Chevy Colorado Trailboss is shown driving past a lake in the mountains.

Whether you’re looking for the newest Chevy or a pre-owned model, we’re here to help you find the best vehicle for your needs. We know the ins and outs of every Chevy model and share your excitement and passion for the brand. We also believe that truly appreciating everything that Chevy has to offer starts with a better understanding of Chevy’s history and how the American automaker has evolved over the last century to revolutionize the American automotive industry by delivering outstanding capability and value year after year and mile after mile.

Chevy SUVs

While SUVs may seem like a modern innovation and a stylish alternative to the cumbersome minivan, Chevy’s 1935 introduction of its eight-passenger wagon built on a truck platform proves that the SUV isn’t a modern invention by any means. This early model SUV set the stage for what the automaker eventually dubbed the Suburban, which is the longest-running nameplate in automotive history. Unsurprisingly, it’s always been designed to haul passengers and cargo with each generation offering more in terms of luxury, comfort, efficiency, capability, and performance.

The early introduction of the Suburban is what many consider the founding father of Chevy’s SUV lineup. The proverbial “land-yacht” has morphed into a stunning and sophisticated SUV that’s loaded with features, all of which has led to ongoing innovation from Chevy engineers to design a wide variety of alternatives. After all, more is always better, right? These alternatives range from smaller SUVs like the Trailblazer, Trax, and Equinox to the Blazer, Traverse, and Tahoe, all of which can trace their roots back to the very first Suburban.

A close up shows the headlight on a purple 2022 Chevy Traverse High Country, a popular Chevy, Lexington, KY drivers prefer.

Chevy Trucks

Many years before Chevy introduced the Suburban, the automaker answered the growing demand for a capable truck with the debut of the 1918 One-Ton. Practicality has always been at the heart of Chevy’s truck lineup, and that’s apparent when you look at the One-Ton, which was used primarily to move parts, tools, and equipment from one worksite to another in assembly plants across America. The One-Ton made factory work easier, but that was only the beginning of everything Chevy anticipated the truck could offer.

Demand often fuels innovation, and that’s certainly true as we look at the evolution of Chevy’s truck lineup over the last century. The One-Ton’s role in the manufacturing industry eventually led to the debut of the C/K 1500 in the late 1980s, the latter of which signaled a shift in the segment as drivers looked for improved design features and performance. Chevy continues to answer those demands today with trucks like the Silverado and Colorado that reflect the same elements of practicality, value, and performance that Durant and Chevrolet set out to deliver when they launched the company in the early 1900s.

Chevy EVs

The popularity of electric vehicles has ebbed and flowed for decades, which is even more apparent when you look at Chevy’s history in the segment. Chevy entered the EV market in the late 1990s with the debut of the S-10 EV truck. The original electric S-10 offered a 33-mile range and was marketed as a fleet vehicle since it could, ideally, save businesses on transportation costs. However, the S-10 failed to impress, and Chevy pulled the truck from the lineup within a year. Fortunately, this wouldn’t be the end of Chevy’s venture into the EV segment.

Chevy returned to the segment with hybrids like the Malibu and Volt that eventually led to the Bolt. The Bolt is Chevy’s catalyst in the EV market after proving that an electric vehicle can be an affordable and practical option for hard-working, blue-collar Americans. The Bolt’s widespread success makes EVs more viable than ever and, as with Chevy’s lineup of trucks and SUVs, fuels the fires of innovation to create newer, more advanced models like the Bolt EUV, Chevy’s first-ever electric SUV.

A close up shows the black interior through the open door of an orange 2021 Chevy Corvette.

Chevy Sedans and Sports Cars

Chevy’s automotive legacy starts with the debut of its Series C Classic Six sedan that epitomizes Durant’s and Chevrolet’s vision to produce a car that was not only an exceptional performer but also affordable. This vision came to life in the Series C, which was one of the few cars of the era to come with an electric starter and electric headlamps, both of which were luxuries at the time. This advanced technology set the stage for Chevy’s future sedans and ultimately paved the way for best-selling models like the Malibu that offer the latest technology and comforts while delivering exceptional performance and efficiency at every turn.

The Series C also inspired Chevy’s future in the sports car segment, which was a natural progression considering Louis Chevrolet’s involvement in the racing industry and his dedication to building high-performing engines under the same roof as the vehicles themselves. It was Chevy’s small-block V8 engine that birthed Chevy’s early sports cars and inspired iconic models like the Camaro and Corvette. It’s also why Chevy holds the title as the winningest brand in NASCAR history and reflects the automaker’s position at the helm of innovation from engine design to technology and beyond.


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