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Used Buick Dealership In KY

When you buy used, especially used Buicks, you need to visit a used Buick dealership in KY that you can trust. In other words, you need a reliable used Buick dealer that delivers quality used vehicles at amazing prices. That's why you need to visit Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick of Georgetown, the best used Buick dealership in Kentucky. At Dan Cummins, we serve the Kentucky area by providing shoppers with reliable used vehicles that exceed the standards of other used car dealers. This includes offering shoppers the option of some of the best priced used vehicles on the market, as well as used vehicles priced under $10,000 to accommodate those shopping on a strict budget.

For long commutes, short errands, or traveling off the beaten path, you need a reliable used vehicle that suits the needs of your daily travels throughout Kentucky, and at Dan Cummins, we make it a priority to offer a wide variety of quality used vehicles no matter what your lifestyle is like, so you can find what you need as quickly as possible thanks to our knowledgeable staff without worrying about your schedule being impeded. Whether you need something for the whole family or for the toils and tasks of work, we have something for you.

A close up shows the grille and Buick badge on a grey 2016 Buick Envision.

How We Put Buyers First

Offering new and used vehicles at unbeatable prices is just one of the ways we service customers shopping throughout Kentucky for a Buick. We also have a number of other ways we put customers first at our dealership, providing specials, deals, and discounts so you can always find something at the right price.

Whether it’s a special on a vehicle or a discount at the service center, we make sure we do our utmost to serve the hard-working Kentucky residents at our dealership; from our friendly staff to our timely service. We also have plenty of offers and incentives when it comes to purchasing a Buick with cash offers, lease offers, and financial offers. This gives you an opportunity to purchase some of the most popular Buicks on the market at some of the lowest prices available.

When you buy a Buick, we offer the opportunity to enroll in the Buick Rewards program, where you can receive points just for personalizing your experience with Buick, when you purchase Certified Pre-Owned Buick automobiles, or when you get your Buick serviced. You can rack up the points and use them to get discounts, accessories, and parts for your Buick. From the rewards programs to the discounts to specials and incentives, Dan Cummins has managed to serve the Kentucky car shopping community with quality service and deals that have resulted in numerous five-star ratings in customer testimonials.

Browse through the feedback to see why our dealership is rated so highly and how our unmatched service and quality inventory has made us the best used Buick dealership in the region.

A red, a blue, a silver, and a black 2016 Buick Encore are shown parked in front of a cabin in the snow.

Why Buick Means Quality

You can visit any dealership for a cheap selection of cars, but you need to visit the right dealership for a quality selection of vehicles that give you value for your money. At Dan Cummins, we curate our inventory with the best line-up of Buick automobiles the market has to offer; this includes Buick's highly lauded collection of crossovers, such as the popular subcompact SUV, the Buick Encore.

This five-door crossover has managed to strike a chord with SUV shoppers looking for something small, sporty, and highly maneuverable. The sleek design that consists of a stylish exterior, visually appealing color schemes, and a plush interior, has helped the Encore establish itself as an affordable, economical option for those who value great fuel economy and quick handling out of a subcompact SUV.

Need a little extra interior space and some additional gusto while traveling to and from your destinations? The slightly larger Buick Encore GX is the perfect solution. Maintaining the great fuel economy and sporty handling of the Encore, the GX delivers extra oomph for those who need it thanks to its larger powertrain and off-road-ready all-wheel drive configuration. Both the Encore and Encore GX are available at Dan Cummins for those of you who need a great-looking and affordable subcompact SUV in your life.

For larger accommodations, the compact crossover SUV known as the Buick Envision is a great option. With seating for up to five people and a turbo enhanced powertrain, you not only have a sizable SUV ready to transport multiple passengers around town but also one that gets to each destination in style. The Envision is basked in elegant luxury from top to bottom, as evident with the trim line and the unmistakable quality of the interior design. When you need more than just a functional crossover, you need a Buick Envision.

Refinement best describes the Buick Enclave, a combination of traditional interior SUV cabin space with all the latest in technological and safety amenities. The Enclave seats up to seven passengers across three rows while also providing plenty of cargo volume for additional storage. The Enclave fulfills the role of having a charmingly sophisticated style while providing enough horsepower and torque to capture the thrill of pushing the pedal to the metal.

You can find new and used Buicks at Dan Cummins, available in different colors, trims, and driveline configurations.

Certified Used Vehicles You Can Trust

You don't have to worry about quality because at Dan Cummins, we offer you an excellent slate of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models. Any CPO Buick purchased from our dealership is guaranteed to be less than 6-years old and have fewer than 75,000 miles on it. All CPO vehicles also have a clean title and are hand-selected with a thorough checkup that includes a 172-point inspection, ensuring that every aspect of the vehicle is up to par and fully functional.

Buying CPO also guarantees you an extended limited warranty of up to 12 months or 12,000 miles of travel. An extended powertrain warranty also covers six years of operation or 100,000 miles of travel. You'll even have your first two maintenance visits covered.

A white 2020 Buick Encore GX ST is shown from the front parked on a tree-lined road after leaving a used Buick dealership in Kentucky.

What About Financing a Buick?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle is financing. Many people ask, "do I need good credit to finance a Buick?" The short answer is no. We'll help you find the loan that meets your needs, and you can even see what loans you qualify for by applying online. People also ask, "do I need a certain amount of money on hand to get financing?" No. We make it easy to find out what you can afford before you go through any sign-up or registration processes. You can make use of our payment calculator to quickly find out how much you can pay each month and what sort of vehicle fits your budget.

What If I don't qualify for financing? No problem. We have deals, incentives, and specials available as well, along with the option to value your current vehicle for trade-in towards the purchase of a new or used Buick. No matter what your financial situation is, at Dan Cummins we have a solution for you so you can drive away with the Buick you want at a price you can afford.

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